Wednesday, December 12, 2007

cook eh?

alright Peachy and Macy... i'm here to blog! :) hahahahaha... so i snag a filler from you! :) and Macy, thanks for the time and love you've d shared yesterday with the opps! teehee!
anyways, here's the thing i snag from Peachy...

You Are a Learning Cook

You've got the makings of an excellent cook, and the desire to be one.
But right now, you're just lacking the experience. You couldn't be a top chef yet, but you could be an apprentice.

**WOW! was bit surprised with the result... actually ever since we got married i really learned and do the cooking in the house, at first i was zero knowledge with it, but after some time it just comes out naturally..naks! you know, the basic menu is so easy now! yabang...echos! hahahaha nah, i just love cooking now..specially when the husband loves the taste..ah, i feel like a real chef!