Tuesday, November 20, 2007


i was watching Boy and Kris sometime last week when they featured this Yoh-Gurt Froz.. something that Krizzy love! she keeps on telling how she loves the taste, texture and the fruity-ness of the product... so i told myself that if ever we're going out i'll try this one too. and yep! last saturday when the husband ask me to join him for this car show at SMX (just beside MOA) i was able to taste this yummy treat! uber delicious! i tell you, Kris was right, the fruity-ness is still there even mix with the slightly froze yogurt, the texture is not too thin yet not too rough. i ordered for a small cup of mango-strawberry, it costs P50 while the big cup is i think P80 not bad for a very healthy dessert! and yeah, it says that it is fat free and contains small amount of calories i think. i'm such a yogurt freak! i want to taste every flavors when i have the chance!


Yoh-gurt Froz said...

Glad you liked it! Yoh-gurt Froz just opened its 3rd branch at Robinsons Place Manila, Level 3, at the new Midtown Wing, just across Toys R' Us. We have a new selection of products there! Check it out! :)