Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome December!

yay! it's December 1st already! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! :) this is my time of the year! can't wait for the Noche Buena and Media Noche! pig out session as usual... hehehe... the busiest yet the happiest month i must say. yesterday the husband and i went to SM, did a little shopping of gifts for the chikitings, window shopped for the 'it' dress that i might wear for the Christmas Parties that are lined up and we also did our grocery shopping. good thing we decided not to bring the little brat because as expected tons of people are already doing their thing in the malls as early as now. and yeah, it took as forever to find a parking slot! although we have an appointment for the food tasting on this one caterer we are eying for Olin's birthday we decided to have a quick bite at Greenwich but unfortunately the crew took forever before they were able to serve the food. so technically it wasn't a quick bite after all. argh. Pinoy style at its finest. We then headed to the catering shop after, the foods were great! we then talked about their packages and other offers available for the party etc. so there, we pencil booked the caterer already and we'll be back for the down payment next week. the venue issue is still under nego with the SIL. we onyl have less than 2 months before the party that's why we are trying to settle things down before everyone gets so ngarag. :)
anyways, this morning i suddenly felt the urge to check my referral site, lo and behold! i got paid for my first referral! $15 cold cash added on my funds! teehee! Thank you Yvette Christine Torno! :) and speaking of giddy happiness... i only have 5 days for the dslr camera to come! woohoo!