Saturday, November 03, 2007

time out

whew! i guess i should call this a day! :) my head is aching now, just finished doing the opps that are due today. i wonder why PPP is so silent the whole day and not showering some opps? hmmmm.... do you guys where able to snatch one from them today? or it's just me who wasn't lucky enough to get a glimpse of the white and green shaded opps? :)

howell, there can always be tomorrow di ba?! now it's time to be a mother and wife to the most important person in my life. the ones thats giving me the drive to write and talk about everything and anything with love and passion! naks! tibay noh?! oh, siya tama na ang palakas... i need to roger out now.. before the husband gets mad with me being a tamang adik mag-blog!

tomorrow is a sunday... let us not forget to say our thanks and prayers to our mighty Father for the wonderful life we all have... and for the unexpected gifts he keeps on showering us.. and for the opps and moolahs we now enjong...

have a good night everyone!