Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tag by mai


1. His Name: Amiel... Dwight Amiel -- though he prefers to be called Amiel. Miel for others, Emil for some, Amyel for those who have hard time saying Eymyel. :) but there are funny incident he was called Dwighlight! and yeah, he is also known by his friends as Bayawak (he's into hunting this type of lizard), Moody Diaz for being so moody. PatrolMan and SP04 by my cousins :)

2. How we met? hmmm... we met through his brother who was my classmate at that time sometime year 2000... and just that, everything else follow... we talk,we exchange numbers,he text, we meet, we date...blah blah blah...

3. Characteristics of Amiel?
first impression for those who meet him is that he's Suplado. he is actually, but when you get to know him he's really a jolly happy person. uber Strict. deep thinker. short patience. he has many characteristics that i might not be able to stop.. but what really is important amongst all this is that HE LOVES US, HIS FAMILY MORE THAN HIMSELF.

4. Our 20-30 year plan
• Have our own house
• Have one or two kids more

• Be able to work or settle in another country
• Be financially secured

passing this tag to... KRISTINE, PEACHY, JODY, THET and Vina