Sunday, November 04, 2007

PBB 3rd Nomination

so it was the third nomination night for the house mates last night, and heck i wasn't able to watch because the Husband demanded a "bonding time" for us, since it is sunday naman. yiihhheeee! so there, the bonding time started early, i tell you :p now what's the smile on the face huh? ;) hehehehe...

but now what happened dear KUYA?! i heard Gaby was one of the nominee, i mean, hhhuuuuwwwwaaaatttt?!?! Riza c'mon! what's up with voting Gaby as your automatic nominee? for the dumbest reason ever...
she has yet to get to know Gaby. for that lame reason, Riza, i hate you now. yes, you heard me right. of all people in the house why Gaby?! you could have voted for that A-hole Victor or the super arte Maegan for pete sake! but then again, at least by this, people can show Gaby how we love her to win, and i, an uber kuripot mother will surely vote for you Gaby. expect a five or more votes from me ok?! :)

but here's another story, Gaby on the other hand talks to Big Brother about asking if she can be out of the house for more than one day, since she wanted to join the Driver Development Program for International Racing in Arizona, USA on November 16-18. but we all know that being out of the house for more than 24 hours means one thing... you can never go back inside. so that is now the dilemma she's facing now, if she would take the opportunity outside or to continue her life inside the yellow house.

i can't wait to know her answer. but i definitely would love Gaby to win, i mean, being inside the Big Brother house is one heck chance of a lifetime. and being on the race track is something she can do over and over again. i hope she chooses to stay.

so there, something about the PBB post naman, which reminds me to text Hubby about this. you see, Gaby dela Merced is he's ultimate crush :) mine is Jordan Herrera... so that equals us... hehehehe



good thing na kahit wala ako time makapanood ng pbb eh nauupdate pa rin ako sa latest happening, it turns out na si zara aldana yata ang natanggal, nabasa ko lang siya sa diyaryo, tama ba yun? hehehe