Sunday, November 25, 2007

insanity invades my monday

it's monday once again... start of another long week. haven't got any plans as of the moment. still thinking of ideas how to decorate the house to have a christmas atmosphere or something. i want to have a Christmas tree, but heck, the place is so small having one would mean one thing, space less ;p i guess a door wreath and garland loaded with lights would do the trick, now the problem is the budget. hay, if only we have a little more over, but budget is tight you know, a lot of bills to pay plus the holiday shopping for gifts is one of the things that needs to be considered. birthdays of loved ones are approaching. hay... maybe i'll drop by the nearest lotto station later... who knows, i might win millions and promise... even YOU will receive a gift from me this Christmas! hahahahaha.. 'nuf with the crap... i'm going to take a nap now... mwuahs!