Saturday, November 03, 2007

DSLR add ons

now that ive'd done mentioning about my 'fruit' in paid/nose bleed blogging...lemme show show the 'add ons' that i was able to buy together with the unit... aside from the fact that Tito Abet whose so kind enough to give me his 18-70mm AF-S lens DX since he was supposedly about to sell it in Ebay, we just sort of swap my default 18-55mm stock lens. so now ive'd got already an upgrade... plus i got to buy this 55-200mm lens! :) so i got 2 lenses! teeeheee!
the story about me getting a Nikon brand is that two Uncles were able to convinced me! , a true blooded Nikonians, they were so good in taking pictures too! anyways i was supposed to get a Canon Eos Rebel but then again had second thoughts and sure thing agreed on buying a Nikon D40. Tito Abet is also have the same model while Tito Boylit on the other has a Nikon D80 something that worth double my unit's price :) so there, for months we were like exchanging notes and everything about photography and their weekly travels, their pictures using their own cams. i just can't wait to fiddle my own dslr! :) what's really really nice about this is that i only started paid blogging sometime July and now, i was able to buy something from that hard earned money! i wasn't suppose to get an additional lens but since i still have enough, i indulge myself and just got one. what i need now is a Photog Class, i'm asking that for the Husband as his Christmas gift for me...well then, we'll see... :)