Tuesday, November 13, 2007


it's November 14 already! whew! time flies very fast during this time of the year noh? there are so many things to take care of, besides i'm helping my mom with the apartment construction (i sound like we are the ones building noh?! hehehe) i mean, the papers, materials to be ordered, monitoring of the workers etc.. getting in touch with the engr and the archi... blah blah blah... i also need to finish my near deadline opps but my mind is fried to do so, i'll deal with it later. but wait! today is the much awaited movie date with the Husband! we are off to watch One More Chance later.. teehee! :) and do our grocery shopping na din. a hectic schedule today, that's what i have. oops, gotta go now.. need to drive my mom to the Municipal Hall, we need to finish the papers needed for the Fire Department daw. hay, Government employees sometimes sucks talaga.. why they would require us to come back for the nth time only to find out that the person we need to see is OUT... goodness!
anyways, just in case you still have time to blog hop... why not see my other site?! thanks in advance!