Tuesday, November 20, 2007

car show date

as ive'd said earlier, last Saturday we went to the SMX building in Macapagal for the Auto Salon 2007 car show. i wasn't supposed to go with the husband but he insist! hehehehe... it's going to be a date daw! naks! sweet.. so there, we weren't able to go directly to the show itself because it's almost lunch time so we decided to grab a bite at Teriyaki Boy. i had the chicken don meal, Gyoza and Miso soup the taste was good, just like lechon manok actually with a twist maybe because of the special sauce they put in it. anyways, i should have ordered a different meal if i know it. while the husband had California Maki and Ika Fry Meal. what i loved with Teriyaki Boy is the very good service they provide to customers. plating was good, taste equals the price.
hmmm...enuf with the food talks alright, so after the short walkaton at MOA we decided to go the car show, there are numbers of great cars on displays from oldschool to the newest models. every group has its own design to show. Filipino ingenuity at its finest! but what really catches my attention is this certain blue car with a message in it's drivers side window " CATION:DISABLED DRIVER" true enuf, when you open the door, you'll see this metals that attaches to the pedals of the car customed made for the disabled owner of the car! i mean, who would have thought to make one for the a disabled person?! but sureness... the driver can drive! and knows how to style his car! galing!