Sunday, July 01, 2007


just this morning i received an email from my weekly subscribtion to baby center and according to them, my 5 months and 2 weeks old daughter will probably be exprencieng STANGER ANXIETY, new term for me (cool!) and it tickles while i pronounce it.. stanger anxiety! :) hehehe..
anyways they said that Olin might cry if a stranger approaches her... nangingilala --filipino term used to explain why most babies cry upon seeing new faces especially when trying to carry them. I just hope Olin won't undergo this phase since she's expose naman with people, always in the store of my mom with yaya..
Batang Tambay! that is why even the neighbors-neighbor's friends knows my daugher. hehehehe...
a happy child that's what most of them say... everytime they see Olin and calls her name she'll just simply make her pamatay-toothless-smile with kilig! :) friendly baby just like me!

she's now into mix feeding :(
which actually makes me sad... my milk supply is not enough for her now... that is why we are giving her formula (Enfalac A+). I have this high hopes of breastfeeding her exclusively for like atleast a year. but then again, its not nuf.
good part though is that for more than five months now, Olin is a very healthy baby! even with the sudden changes in weather doesn't bother her... she's just pawisin to the nth level! that is why changing her shirt frequently is a must.
vitamins--check! Celin for Vitamin C, and Nutrilin
Cereals-- check! Milupa wheat and milk -- her favorite.
i also gave her yesterday Squash Gerber... she loves it ( but it'll be her first and last taste of it). because my mom said no-to-gerber... it might cause Olin to be a picky eater daw. i dunno if its really true. but you see, mothers knows best. that is why i will be sticking to Milupa and Cerelac instead.

joined Photo Hunters! so every week you'll get to see my entry for the week's theme of the hunt...

paid blogging update -- eventhough PPP doesn't give me a chance to prove my worth :( others like Smorty,Pay You To Blog etc have been so nice to me for the past weeks, giving me opps for that extra moolah! :) and paypal just confirmed my first received $ pay for the first two weeks of paid blogging! yahooo!!!
c'mon! keep it comming!!! palllleeeaaaassseeee!!!! :)

and yeah... welcome July! :) hoping more goodness and happiness and healthy mind and body this month...


ninjathet_0312 said...

congrats!ako, parang di ko yata muna bet i-monetized ung blog..i enjoy writing and postings kasi..parang therapy sa buset kongmanager..saka nalang siguro, pag mejo tamaders na ko pagpostng random stories.

Haze said...

u know what? halos pareho lang tayo ng binibigay sa babies natin. from milk to vitamins. excep si keon gusto niya ang cerelac. :)

first baby mo ba si olin?

KaThYcOt ;p said...

hi thet!
naku ako nagsawa namang kakaentry ng kung ano-ano..ngayun naman trip kong magpa nosebleed! tamang adik! hehehe...
uy, musta naman ang bwiset na manager?

hi haze!
yep, first baby ko si Olin... :) and she likes cerelac too! lakas kumain eh! :)

auee said...

congrats on the nose-bleeding $$$