Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Toys Toys Toys

these are a few of Olin's favorite things...

Music Lamp Turtle -- a gift from her Baptism, i think the music being played in this turtle lamp is Brahms Lullaby, which we always play when she's about to sleep... Olin also loves looking at the light reflections of this lamp turtle.

Doggie -- colorful rattle that Olin loves to bite, especially the ears!

Beetle, Frog and Bear Toy -- maybe she was just used sleeping with her 'friends'.. what's funny is that whenever she sleeps, you'll see her leg of foot in one of the stuff toy around her... ang yabang! :0 hehehe..


kRisTiNe said...

Uy, gusto yata yung Music Lamp Turtle for Keyan. I'm sure he'll enjoy looking at the lights din =). Anong brand ba yan?