Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bath Time

Friends are asking me what i use on Olin's skin since even with the hotness galore season she's still rashes free.. Take note we are not 24/7 using the AC ha, maximum of 8 hours a day lang.
So while arranging her stuffs last weekend, i decided to take pictures of the culprits.. hehehe
here they are!

Lander Baby Oil all over her body - per advice by the lola's especially on Olin's head.
Vinagre - skin tonic for bathing, it also makes the water so mabango :)
Top to Toe Wash - i use it first for the washing before using
Cetaphil - i still believe in the gentleness formula, well to counter the top to toe :)
Huggies Liquid Baby Powder - i just recently use this one, was afraid that baby powder might cause irritation, but after a few tries and it was ok. Makes her skin softer and presko.
Angel's Smile Cologne -- for fresh baby scent after her bath.


Shabem said...

Alagang alaga talaga. Cool stuff!

auee said...

kikay na kikay ang baby girl

kathy said...

hi shabem and auee! :)
wala kze ako nyan nung baby ako! hehehe...

andrea said...

Aba, girl na girl si Olin! Hehe!
Si Mateo boy na boy, wala sya iba gamit kung di j&j top-to-toe and lactacyd baby wash. Tapos cologne lang then suklay. Flawless naman sya, hindi nagkarashes ever kaya kuntento na kami pareho sa ritual nya. Haha! Babawi na lang ako sa future baby girl namin... tuturuan ko magkikay :)

kathy said...

hi andrea!
naku, paguumarte ko din lang siguro talaga..wala daw kze ako nyan nung baby ako eh! :)
swerte natin at healthy na flawless pa ang mga chikiting natin! :)
hugs to mateo! :)

feng said...

naku baby pa lang eh kikay na kikay na si Olin. hmm, buti at wala pa dyan ang lactacyd at nenuco at angel's breath.

we used to apply cetaphic moisturizing lotion when my son got little red spots in the face when he was 2-3 months old. when his face has cleared, J&J top to toe wash na lang or minsan Zwitzal baby wash na lang.

kathy said...

hi feng!
naku di ko lang sinama sa pic ung lactacyd blue at nenuco kze dko pa gngamit,bigay din lang un kay olin ng fil ko! :)
speaking of nenuco...di na available sa sm dept.stores,phase out na daw :(
daming kung ano-anong available pang baby noh..kakalito na minsan! hehehe

reigndatinguinoo said...

just wanna ask, san po kau nakabili ng huggies liquid powder? kc wla po akong makitaan d2 sa sm...
pdala lang dn kc from abroad ung gamit ng baby ko ngaun..i noticed kc n mganda cia kaya nghahanap ako kun san puede mkabili...