Monday, June 04, 2007

7 songs -- another meme

Greymom tagged me... a new found blogger friend! :) blogging world is soooo nice! you get to meet new friends and learn a lot from everyone's experiences! :)

anyways, In this tag, you are to name seven songs that you are currently listening to and tag seven other people.

1. Healing - by Jed Madela from the Kris Aquino album -- songs of Love and Healing ... ok, ok, i know. Jologs is my middle name... so what?! i LIKE Kris Aquino! nyahahaha :)

2. In your eyes - i know, i know.... currently listening daw eh! ;)

3. Tender Love - bu Uncle Sam -- an all time favorite since college days... ka-inlove!

4. Way back into love - Current Favorite! :) by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrimore from the movie Music and Lyrics.. cutie!

5. Sweet Escape - by Gwen Stefani, coming back to my ol' self -rnb-fanatic

6. Another Used to be - by Joe . another slow jam all time favorite song that i never forget to put on my playlist.

7. For You - remake of Jed Madela - one of our many wedding songs... another ka-inlove-pang-long-drive-background-song :)

Still have soooo many songs, but as the tag says, 7. so there you go, my songs at the moment... time to tag... hmmm... tagging: Darlene, Sassy Mom, Auee, Kristine, Yette, Fionixie, Feng....

*** i wish i can tag al' yah bloggermates... but hey, i guess it'll not be a sin to tag everyone di ba?...
ei bloggers! i'm tagging all of you! :)


Darlene said...

Thank for tagging me Kath,i'll do this today.Check it out later when you get a chance.Godbless!

feng said...

hi kathy. been busy lately so i haven't bloghopped much. :)

ganda ng selection mo. pareho tayo, i so so love kris aquino too, kahit na ganun sya. at nakabili ka na pala nung CD nya ha. i'll check out CD shops this coming weekend.

thanks for tagging me. i'm so touched. :) nga lang, i've already did the same meme sometime in April.

i'm sharing the link, you might be interested to read it:

kathy said...

hi darlene!
already did! :) have a nice day!

hi feng!
oops, naku super late na pala ang meme ko!:)
di ba, kala ko ako lang trip si kris aquino.. i mean, i like her pagiging kutatera and katikatera and her super sayang tawa! :)
yeah, maganda yung mga songs.worth having! :)

Skye said...

hi! thanks for dropping by my site! i enjoy your blog, and it's layout! fresh and clean.. unlike mine lol i just wish you'd add english translation in your tagalog posts, to make it more accessible to everyone (like the warning). if you;ve got a button, feel free to plug at my site, saves me from bookmarking you, plus, you get to have my readers visit yours! i'll visit here when i have a chance!

as for the songs? lol i never heard of them! (triphop and hardcore are my kind of thing) haha

nice meeting you!

SASSY MOM said...

hi, kathy!

thanks for hopping by late ... super busy na ang working mom nowadays!

nway, I was tagged na with that one before but I'd love to do it again, once I have free time :(

Nway, thanks for always dropping by.

Happy weekend!

GreyMom said...

Thanks for participating, Kathy! LOVE your selection. I like Way Back Into Love now too after watching Music and Lyrics. So thanks for your site I can listen to it anytime I want to.
Thankas again!