Sunday, May 06, 2007

roll over

april 27 --marks the day when olin had her first roll over! 3 months and 2 days si olin to be exact. we were like all so excited and happy to see her new trick which she had been practicing for quite some time now..kaya when she was able to roll over na, we all cheered her up! whew. another mommy experience i'll never forget. :)
and now, she makes this routine her hobby, roll over 'till she's tired and cries her heart out -- a signal for us that she wants to lie on her back na...then she will just roll over again and so the process repeats again until we're all tired. hehehe..

here naman are photos of olin having her 'first' taste (as in taste lang.hehehe) of solid foods... yeah, i know, i know it's bad to have her eat solid foods at 3 months, but, the heck! eh tikim nga lang... promise,no amount of solid food was swallowed...err, olin's also into fingers sucking! hehehe...


Apols said...

Hello Kathy, just visiting :) I will add your link at my site ha.