Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mahal nga lang :(

i happen to came across this ad ... Smart Mobile Eye. I think its a great innovation again from one of the top mobile companies here in the PI especially for the mommies like me who's working, with 3G we can actually see what's happening in our house and our kids. :) what's nice about this pa eh we can even talk to them thru video call! ;)

sad part... it costs P9, 595 !!!!


ok, time for me text yaya now and ask how's olin... :)

oops, no reply.

dialling the landline now.... hehehehe...


auee said...

hi there... Some nurseries here are installing web cams in their facilities to let parents "see" how their kids are. But I don't think the scheme will take off, people are paranoid about paedophiles lurking on the net.

kathy said...

ay.. katakot un sis..

YETTE said...

grabe, ang mahal nga! =( maybe in the future, it'll be a lot cheaper. =D

kathy said...

oo nga yette.. sana magkaron din ang globe at iba pang network provider tas maglabanan sila sa pabababaan ng price! nyahehehehe!!!