Friday, March 30, 2007

Olin Rei's Baptismal Ratings and Kwentos

as promised, here is my daughter's baptismal kwento and suppliers rating... 1 as the lowest and 5 the highest.

Church: Holy Cross Parish Church
Tanza, Cavite
Rating: 3
Kwento: tres lang ang ratings na binigay ko since dito kame nagtagal, from inquiries to reservations to the day itself of the binyag matagal! as early as first week of february we already called and asked them if it is possible to have an exclusive baptism for an ordinary day (which was march 21,wednesday) and they said yes they conduct solo binyag in a ok na, told Amiel na same date ang birtday ni FIL at binyag ni olin.. after like 3 days i went to the church's office for the date reservation, pero the secretary told me that it has to be confirmed first by the kura paroko and a notice will be out a week before the requested date! huwaaat?!? akala ko ba ok na? a one-week notice will definitely a no-no for us. so we just opt for the sunday-all-together-happy-fiesta-binyagan! at totoo nga, there were like 30 plus i think bininyagan that day! buti na lang super aga kameng pumunta sa church para makuha ang first pew... eto pa, 10am ang time sked pero it started amost 11 am na! after pa ng seminar medyo may katagalan pa before the priest showed up. so what do you expect? eh di mega crayola na ang mga babies including olin! ;0 good thing nung na-pacify na cia tumahimik na din at natulog... ;0
good side naman, ok ang priest in fairness, may mga patawa at the same time solemn din, well, maybe because na harapan kame at hindi namin pansin ang kaingayan sa may likuran.
siguro hindi lang kasing ganda ang service tulad sa ibang church na merong spot na pang binyagan, kze parang picher lang ang lagayan ng holy water tska aluminum basin, some church have better. ;) pero ang ginusto ko eh kameng dalawa ni Amiel ang may hawak kay Olin, at talagang hinahanap ang both parents ng pari!

Reception: ISLAND COVE RESORT & LEISURE PARK (Binakayan Pavilion)
Binakayan, Kawit Cavite
Rating: 5
Kwento: Overall maganda ang presentation ng venue, girl na girl! may backdrop ng "welcome to the Christian World Olin Rei" na super ganda ang pagkakagawa.. ang buffet centerpiece na nagcompliment sa pink and brown theme namin... the place was so comfortable for our 100+ guests. the AE that was in charge sa 'min (who was also the one in charge for our wedding) gave us a lot of freebies and waved corkages fees for the lechon and additional ulam that my mama cooked ;) the waiters were all attentive, sound system was a ok, the cake table centerpieces were beautiful!, that guests was able to bring home pa. The menu that we had were:

Farmer's Soup
Deep Fried Pork Spareribs spicy sauce
Chicken Au Gratin
Sauteed Fish Fillet with green vegetables
Potato skin in color veggies
Beef with Broccolli -brought in
Pork and Beef Aleman -- brought in
Vegetable Fried Rice
Petit Tropical Fruits
Devils Food Cake
Selection of Breads
Ice Tea or Softdrinks
Lechon -- brought in
Leche Flan -- brought in
Choco Fountain -- naks, present 'to siyempre

Madaming food kaya one-to-sawa ang mga bisita namin, may mga nakapag-uwi pa! at siyempre kame din.. ;)
yung additional dishes na dinala namin was was of coursed cooked with love ni mama dear, yung lechon naman,she just ordered from our family friend tas was delivered for free na din sa venue, leche flan naman i got it from my officemate. grabe ubos lahat yun. choco fountain naman super click sa mga kids at kids at heart! naubos din ang mga dippings kaso dipa tapos ang party tinopak at tumirik na ang fountain! hehehe...
isa pang maganda sa venue yung stage decorations and lighting... maganda ang effect sa pictures!
overall talaga we were so pleased and satisfied with the reception.

Photographer: Ging Lorenzo
Rating: 5
Kwento: super bait na photog! ;) from the start pa lang, when i inquired for her packages ambilis nyang nagreply skin..super sikat sa N@W (e-group where i belong) pinangarap ko din actually magpa-maternity photo sa kanya dati. ;) dalawa ang pinagpilian kong photog, john aguas and her, i both love their work pero ging offers a lot of freebies at siguro because girl din cia kaya parang mas nadalian akong kausap cia. we just met sa MOA for the signing of contract and for the initial payment a week before the event. Amiel just gave her a map going to the church and reception, at andali nilang nakapunta. maaga pa sa call time dumating! it also turned out na 2 photogs pa sila, because her fiance Pete was also taking pictures the whole time of the event kaya mostly 2 angles ang mga shots. And it is true, a two week lead time for the raw pics to come out and the print outs that was supposedly 25pcs but then she send me more! ive'd done choosing the 100 pics that'll be included in the 8x8 mag style album... and even wala pa yung output, i'm confident that'll be great as well! ;)
Baptismal Gown: Pina Jusi gown ,a hand-me-down from Olin's cousin Myk...
Rating: 5
Kwento: first used by Myk Dillian 2 years ago, and being the second apo of the Del Rosario's Olin was the first girl to use it. Bibsy just change the sash to pink since it was originally blue. i think it'll also be use by all the upcoming apo's and will be the ancestral baptismal gown of the magpipinsan. ;)

Cake: Celebration Cakes by Goldilocks
Rating: 4
Kwento: Dapat sana 5 ang score for the rating kaso medyo nagkaron ng conflict regarding sa pick up time and place ng cake. Masyado daw kzeng maaga for them na ipick-up namin ng 9am ang cake, since it'll be from laguna pa daw (their factory) kaya the following day tumawag ang sales person in charge at sinabing pick-up na lang namin sa ibang branch nila na well, pabor samin kze mas malapit na sa reception venue. Two-layered semi-fondant chocolate cake, masarap in a sense that i was satisfied and exceeded my expection ko sa taste and texture ng mga birthday cakes, pero nalimutan kong sabihing girl ang celebrant kaya blue yung outfit ng baby na bitbit ng stork. ;) tska yung mga stars design ng cake napag-interesan ng mga chikiting at hiningi sakin ginawa nilang wand the entire time sa reception. ;)

Balloons: Divisoria
Rating: 5
Kwento: We just bought it sa Divi tas we just aired it and brought to island cove the night before the binyag at ang mga incharge na sa decoration naglagaylagay dun sa stage etc. pati na din yung tarp sa pagpasok sa venue pinalagay na lang din namin.

Souvenirs: Rosary Bracelets, Candles, Matches
Rating: 5
Kwento: Bought rosary bracelets made of fresh sea water pearl in different colors for the ladies at wooden rosary bracelets naman for the men and ninongs @ Shop Rite. Yung for ninangs naman was made of precious stones ( i forgot what type lang) the packaging naman na mini loot bags na pink sa 168 naman ko binili, tapos yung tags were given by Ate Jacque na bi-nase sa style ng invitation layout. Patok sa mga guests at andaming nagtanong where i got those pati yung pinambalot. ;) DIY!
Yung candles at matches also are diy, pink and brown ribbons lang at konting flowers.. ayun, all set!

Invites and Tarps Layout: Dan Delmundo
Ratings: 5
Kwentos: A brother of a fellow N@wie, Layah. I asked for a lay out artist a month before Olin's baptism and asked for a certain layout of a pink and brown invite ive'd seen on another website. Layah responded and recommend her brother..and the rest was history. give details,send mock samples,approve,send final layout, pay via bank transaction and voila! simple yet elegant invite and tarp layout!
For the printing naman, was taken care of my SIL Bibsy, i think in Mitsubishi phololab @ sm bacoor, 5R matte print. I just bought pink pastel envelopes at National Bookstore and made sticker name of Olin Rei for the sealer.

Dresses of Olin: bought from Periwinkle (MOA)
Rating: 5
Kwento: Both personal choice of me and Amiel, yuung pink suot ni Olin sa church tas yung white naman sa reception nya sinuot. maganda yung material ng dress hindi nainitan masyado si Olin.

so ayan, done with the ratings and kwentos... happy with the result of our first party for Olin... next? 1st birthday naman! ;) matagal tagal na panahon pa para makapagipon ang aking hubby/financier! ;)

for more pics of the event checkout this link ;)


idealpinkrose said...

napaka bonggacious naman pala ng binyag ni Olin Rei...parang nakapag attend narin ako sa binyag niya...nice!