Monday, April 24, 2006


Sandugo at Bohol
Tarsiers of Bohol ( u cannor take pictures with flash mode or they'll might get mad at you...)
Basilica de Sto. Nino at Cebu City
The other island of Maribago Beach Resort at 6:00am

The Famous Magellan's Cross (I'ved known this cross since i was in grade 5,school project,now i get to see this in flesh)

Loboc River Cruise of Bohol (where we had our lunch while being serenaded by the local guitarist/singer, can't seem but smile when i remember the movie of Bea,John Lloyd and Sam Milby! hehehe)

Maribago Blue Water Beach Water Resort -Cebu City
Taken before 6am, yes, its my birthday and i am in Cebu!

Pool facing our Villa

Starfish we caught that night (no sea creature was harmed during the shoot)

The Dolphins (as their logo of Maribago, but no real thing though!)

This was the topview of the front desk of Maribago... it just captures my eyes as a shutterbug.

another shot of the starfish in different position...;) sideways!

Beach Wedding

Starfish at Bohol

wla lang...

Favorite of them all... Starfish of Panglao Beach, Bohol...

just playin' with my cam...
another shot of the banca...from afar...
while thery are waiting for their passengers to be taken to the dolphins site...

Chocolatey! of Bohol!
sa Panglao pa din

sunrise at Panglao Bohol

Good Morning Bohol!
Nice one!