Wednesday, April 16, 2014


i was checking my online account to see if it is possible for me to buy something online, a cool designer bag, some make ups or watches  from Reeds maybe. you see, i myself is honest enough to tell that at this very moment i am not capable of buying the real slash genuine rolex, well although i know that there are still a lot who prefers to purchase the thousand worth one, good for them because they got more than enough moolah! but as for me, i am so settled to at least get a replica rolex. but guess what, i heard that even some of the collectors of such expensive watches do also buy the replicas! que horror, meaning some of them even wears the fake ones! oh my, but we can never tell right? because we know that they collect! that is one hell of an advantage for their part, they are already wearing the cheap ones but men, looks the same as the thousand bucks worth... lucky them!

homey sites

I have been checking out home style sites lately, because a friend just recommend the site as she was looking out for the nicest home stuff finds for their new nook. Well, although I'm not looking or shall I say on the hunt for new items for our house, I just couldn't stop myself from browsing the said site! for you see, it has the most beautiful pieces a dainty home should have! from couch cushions online  to wooden mirrors and wooden screens! everything is there. Actually, if you are into house redecorating or house planning, you can check out their site and see for yourself how this site can practically help you in creating the most welcoming and homey ambiance of a home must have. They also have super beautiful wooden screensa and partitions for the houses that needs a little more privacy or for a home that is kind of small, having this nice partitions can create a sudden feel of interior design with the effect of giving space and privacy to the owner. When it comes to mirrors, my mom and dad are a couple who loves collecting this fine pieces, it wasn't passed on to me obviously because up to now, I still couldn't get the idea of why they have to have almost every sizes and designs for the house! But as to what my dad often tells me, it's actually a good luck for a house to have plenty of nice and clean mirrors, it's just like reflecting the blessings in more folds in reflection! Well, it maybe true you know, for the rich and the famous houses also have their share of mirror collections too! But for me, as long as it is nice and can make the house more homey and welcoming, I'd love to have it!

Friday, December 06, 2013

music stuff

There are so many businesses sprouting here and everywhere but sadly, some can't beat the challenge and usually ends up closing. But selling musical stuff isn't one of those business, because we all know how people love music and everything that surrounds it. Thus sites that offers exciting shure ksm32 at musicians friend are just one of the few successful business idea still today.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pandora love

Who would have thought that I would fell in love with Pandora?! I used to think the same when it comes to sterling silver jewelry that it wouldn't last, it'll eventually fade or wouldn't matter after few spins of wearing. But damn I was wrong! Pandora is love! Would definitely go gaga over and over those lovely charms and hopefully would be able to snag some more soon! :)

cleaning time

happy thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day... and I wanna give thanks for all the blessings we have received, friendship and love from all the people around us, lessons from boo-boos we have encountered and faithfulness from the One above :)


My friends and I are all getting so excited with our online exchange gift, in fact, most of us were able to post their wish lists already! Of course, I’ve done my part too as early as last week… but the thing is, if only my mommy can accommodate some changes, I would love to receive an awesome watch like tag heuer carrera or something which is feasible like nice watch case just like the one on the photo aside of course from my futon cover request and some gift certificates from my favorite coffee shop… I just hope that I’m not too late for the revision of request :D

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

guitar lessons

My daughter has been asked by her dad if she wanted to take up some guitar lessons this summer vacation. Though she’s only wanting a violin lesson ever since, she might consider this guitar lesson as she wanted to do something new for this vacation. Good thing there are music schools nearby that offers lessons and even sells great guitars, kontrol s4 at guitar center and all!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


one of the greatest item we need for our house is the kitchen cabinet wholesalers for our clothes. currently we have a plastic storage cabinets that's being the house of our clothes and other items. but as we all know, plastic cabinet wouldn't last long and is not presentable enough as for the features, so we are like thinking of getting one that would last long. something that would not eat much space in our small bedroom but will fit enough in the corner of the room. if possible something that would give accent or another design for the room. i wonder how much will it costs us for a nice and neat closet cabinet like this one?

Friday, August 02, 2013

turser guitars

Are you looking for great jay turser guitars at musicians friend or to someone who is into music or something? you can check out and see awesome finds of eye candies for the music lover and enthusiasts. With their vast selections of instruments and accessories, you can always find something to order! I’m actually checking out the site once in a while and share it with friends who would also want to snag great finds!

chicken wrap

chicken wrap ala amielito.
Chicken wrap ala amielito - my husband's vesion of super delicious chicken wrap!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

party loots

lootboxes for dwyn's bday! #ninjago #ninja #papelbyj #lootbox #personalized #party  #partyideas #kids #celebration #soccer #diy #handmade #craft


We are here in a music studio wherein my client requested to cover her daughter's 9th birthday celebration by recording their favorite pop songs and at the same time perform with practiced dance number together with the songs they record! Really cool if you ask me and I wasn't so surprise to see awesome top double bass and bass flute and the likes here! 

Friday, June 07, 2013

impromptu swimming party

Two weeks ago, my mommy friends and I had an impromptu swimming party for the kids. Turns out, most of them are available on that day so we and since I’m supposed to pick up some TJ stuff, we then decided to let the kids swim and bond while us mommies talk and eat for some good five hours. Thank goodness mommy Abie have lots of profile by gottex swimwear to spare for the kids to use! good times indeed! good times! ty @abiel0327 for the impromptu invite :)




i confess, i am indeed addicted to these babies by trader joe’s! hello calories.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

yellow and orange

loot boxes by @papelbyj #ksnaps #ksnapsproductions #lootbox #loot #party #preps #candies #chocolates #yellow #orange #partyideas #partydetails


themed party…  complete with personalized alarm clock and loot boxes by #papelbyj :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

pandora craze

because i still believe in happy ever after!  #birthdaymonth kasi hahaha! @litzie @bebepeachy
Yes, I am going to join the bandwagon and indulge myself in collecting pandora charms just like some of my friends. Actually, I've been wanting to own one the moment it has been introduced in the country some two years ago, but the high cost of this long-term obsession stops me from being able to start collecting. Good thing, it was my husband who offered in buying me a starter kit and actually likes the idea of buying charm on special occasions! So there, this fairy tale charm would be part of my future collection as I still do believe in happy endings :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I heard the husband and our daughter talking about guitar lessons, it actually surprise me because I didn't know that they are both interested in guitars all this time. Though our daughter admires violinist that she saw when she was still three years old and from then on wants to become one in the future. But then, maybe she can start with those awesome telecaster first and later move to violin when she's pretty much sure of the idea.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

mac love

#mac #chatterbox #impassioned #christmas2012


oohhh lala love!

rock dude!

We are pretty excited for our upcoming rockstar party next month! , that is why my team and I are already checking out the latest songs that kids ages 7 and up loves to sing with. For sure, the party will be loaded with lots of rock star stuff such as different kinds of guitars, electric ones such as epiphone les paul silverburst as well as cymbals and the works!

techie and music

With the fast pace of technologies these days, and the technological talent of our current generation, it seems like almost anything is possible. One one example is the release and mushroom like sprouting of music videos by not only the professionals but also by the newbie when it comes to video editing! Each day you can see some amazing home shot videos on You Tube. To meet the every increasing need for easy to use and readily available tools to make professional looking videos there is a online site that offers video makers an extensive library of Stock footage to choose from including stock video clips, audio clips, sound effects, and motion graphics after effects templates, as well as collections of stock music and incredible Adobe After Effects projects and stock video clips even buy akai apc40 in one place and at really reasonable prices! You got that right, now all this amazing material is just a click away!